The Bridal Suite

The Bridal Suite at Walcot Hall is a fantastic romantic hideaway for the newly married couple on their wedding night at this wonderful Shropshire wedding venue. If you hire Walcot Hall for the 48 hours, the Bridal Suite is included for a complimentary one-night stay. This spacious Bridal Suite is a south facing bedroom tucked away within the family’s private quarters. Another architectural gem with fabulous proportions, the ornate plaster work, gilded pillars and wonderful views all add to the sense of occasion and fun that is encouraged when getting married at Walcot Hall.

The Bridal Suite is available for the entire day, as early as you need (or when your hairdresser tells you!). Many choose to bathe, dress and add the finishing touches here – not to mention enjoying a glass of something special with family and friends to calm any pre-wedding nerves! You are in the perfect location to make a grand entrance down the sweeping staircase to join your partner and guests below in the Main Hall or gardens and start your special day.